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EXCERPTS >|< Cat galloping (1887)
 | Hosted at: Flickr | From: Boston Public Library | Download: 1500x1197 jpeg | Digital Copy: Public Domain
An animated GIF of a cat galloping, created from Plate 719 by Eadweard Muybridge (1887) in Animal locomotion : an electro-photographic investigation of consecutive phases of animal movements, 1872-1885. 
The Cat GIF by E. Muybridge will be soon available on our handmade analog GIF player, The Giphoscope.
Excerpts by OKKULT Motion Pictures: a collection of GIFs excerpted from open source/unknown/rare/controversial moving images. A digital curation project for the diffusion of open knowledge.


Ilka Hartmann. Leah cutting thistle. 1975

Tears of ending and beginning © 2013 Rose-Lynn Fisher

The Topography of Tears is a study of 100 tears photographed through a standard light microscope. The project began in a period of personal change, loss, and copious tears. One day I wondered if my tears of grief would look any different from my tears of happiness - and I set out to explore them up close. Years later, this series comprises a wide range of my own and others’ tears, from elation to onions, as well as sorrow, frustration, rejection, resolution, laughing, yawning, birth and rebirth, and many more, each a tiny history. 

Topography of Tears | Rose-Lynn Fisher
via: NomirestuOmbligo


The Centipede” performed by dancers in Brussels, 1929.

Girl, possibly Eskimo, in decorated fur parks and mukluks, standing on beach, location unknown, n.d. | CONTENTdm Collection

Klondikers at The Scales, ascending the Chilkoot Pass, Alaska, 1898.
Photographer: Hegg, Eric A., 1867-1948
CONTENTdm Collection
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Klondikers at The Scales, ascending the Chilkoot Pass, Alaska, 1898.
Photographer: Hegg, Eric A., 1867-1948
CONTENTdm Collection
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The LZ-126 departing Friedrichshafen, Germany on October 12, 1924 for its flight across the Atlantic. Upon its arrival in Lakehurst, New Jersey, the ship entered the United States Navy as ZR-3 USS Los Angeles.

In Hot Water… | Hillary Atiyeh

Thea Alba: The Woman With Ten Brains | Freakin’ Facts
Thea Alba, “The woman with ten brains” | Retronaut

June 1924. Washington, D.C. “Radio nut — this set with everything necessary for receiving music and speech by radio has been put into a coconut shell. It was built by H. Zamora, a native of Manila, Philippine Islands.”
(Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. Shorpy Historical Photos)

Helena Almeida | Geométricas


Marc Riboud. Russian school. 1965
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An alternate history of sexuality in club culture | RA


A workman at New York World’s Fair repaints the famed Perisphere, on June 6, 1939.
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